The real Platinum Play online casino gaming experience

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Platinum Play casino is a well-known online casino in the market these days, licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority, but hasn’t been audited since 2009; players can enjoy a huge mixture of online gambling games supplied by playtech. This casino is open to play for real money to all players from different corners of the world except for players located in the U.S

Since Platinum Play is supplied by playtech, one of the largest gambling software providers in the industry today, it should come as no surprise that the casino offers their players all kinds of games, ranging from different variants of slots games which make the most of their total selection, table games, such as poker, baccarat, roulettes, blackjack and many other dice and cards games.

No doubt a secured gambling platform should be a priority of every casino,and same as many online casinos, Platinum Play takes this extremely seriously. Players are completely safe from outsiders accessing their private data and financial information, as the casino uses 128-bit SSL encryption, and every piece of data is protected with the latest firewall technology available.

Why there are so many complaints on this casino

So far everything sounds good about Platinum Play casino, however if an online casino starts having a downfall with their clients and their reputations starts declining, it’s always due to one simple thing : money.
If you do research and read actual players describing their experience in this casino, the majority of complaints seem to cover two major aspects that are very important in any online casino and can make or break the name of the establishment.

First, no surprise, it’s the shady over complicated and needlessly log transactions. Many players have complained that the process of withdrawals specially large sums of winnings is extremely difficult and hard as the casino constantly requires what could be considered useless information, and it give the feel that the casino is being deceitful and stalling out the payments, which is as you can imagine extremely irritating, not to mention their shady unclear withdrawal requirements.

In addition to that, the bonuses Platinum Play casino provides their players are extremely difficult to unlock as they come with some over complicated long to fulfill requirements that makes the bonuses near worthless compared to the time and effort that need to be put in order to access them.

And finally what seems to be the biggest flaw in this online casino, customer support service, many players have placed complaints against the customer support staff, as being “unsupportive” as players often complained against the rude unresponsive and flatly ignorant behavior.

Its worth to note some few complaints here and there had a similar point of view, as some players have complained about the unreal difficulty to win in slots games, as some cases have lost thousands of dollars in the process, the only reason as listed this type of complaint even though it seems far-fetched as most known casinos have their games third party tested, but that’s exactly why, as Platinum Play casino hasn’t been officially audited since 2009.

Online casino systems are picking up

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Online casino systems are picking up

Online casino system is the virtual versions of the traditional casinos found all over the world. One cannot wait to experience casinos till he or she travels to the gambler’s heaven Las Vegas. Online casino system is bringing that experience to your home, gamblers do not have to travel so far so often that one thinks of giving it up. Online casino system cannot recreate the ambiance of a real Las Vegas Casino but can give you the thrill of the game. Playing with friends was one such dream that seems hard to accomplish. One may choose to visit a real casino but cannot take his or her friends along just to play the casino games with them. Online casino system not only gives you the pleasure of a virtual gambling but also gives you the freedom to play with your friends and the numerous participants. The entire concept was developed for casino lovers which are pocket friendly and highly profitable. One of the biggest advantages of online casino system is that it gives you the comfort of your home and the liberty of time. play free slots for fun no download no registration.

Online casino tips are built to help gamers choose the best possible online casinos: It is possible that gamers get swayed away by alluring bonuses and enticing offers. Online casino tips also help gamers to stay away from fake online casino system which asks the gamers to pay some amount in return of high profits. Thus it is very essential and important for beginners to go through these online casino tips to be aware of such dubious websites and ventures. Research is important for all gamers to get to reputable casino systems. Members of online casino tips go through the terms and conditions of the casino, its customer support and play with their money and finally report what they have found about the casino as per their experience.

Great importance for gamers online

Every gamer is free to follow their gut or trust experts who have seen these casinos employ unfair means. Online casino tips present a good support system for beginners; it gives them basic lessons of the games, new strategies, new offers, no deposit bonuses and list of highly reputable casinos. Legibility rating as well is published by online casino tips. A recent trend of showcasing tournaments and events of great importance for gamers online is done by online casino tips as well.

The fact that the Venetian Macau: is the largest casino in the world doesn’t mean it automatically gets into our Top 10 – but the construction of this monster casino just about guarantees it! Boasting 870 tables, 3,400 slot machines and encircled by 350 shops, you’d think the Venetian Macau wouldn’t need anything else.
Fortunately the owners didn’t subscribe to that theory and proceeded to fill in the sea between two of Macau’s islands to recreate the famous canals of Venice.
Truffle Shuffle
Sticking with Macau for the final entry in our Top 10 Casino Oddities, we conclude with the tale of casino mogul Stanley Ho (remember him) and the giant truffle. Possibly fancying himself as a bit of a challenger to Gordon Ramsey now he’s conquered the casino circuit, Ho paid a record $330,000 at auction for a giant white Tuscan truffle.